Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Here's 'Homage'... Another case of hurry up and just finish the damn thing.

This little guy, Al, was born a couple of years ago and he likes to hang out in my mind, obviously. If you visit my website, http://www.planetbeth.com, you'lll see other variations of him. He's pretty cute.

So this morning I was futzing around with ideas and he keeps coming back! Persistent little bugger. So my goal was to finish a picture with this theme. This is just pencil first, then (stupid choice) colored pencil, then some watercolor. All on cheap copy paper. I was in a hurry. Why am I in a hurry? Philosophical quetsion. Also I am anxiety-laden. Need to relax more.

Comments welcome, should any visitor stop by. thank you

Monday, March 24, 2008

'Pet Peeve'

As soon as I come home from work, Spike, my cat, starts meowing non-stop. I feel sorry for him 'cuz he's been inside my apt. all day. But I gotta eat 'cuz I'm hungry! He'll go on for quite some time. Once I tried to count how many times he said 'meow' but I lost interest after about the 28th 'meow'....

Anyway after supper I let him out in the hallway or down in the basement, where he loves playing with dust bunnies and little scraps!

This didn't turn out quite as I wanted. In previous drafts kitty looks much more anxious. But I only have so much time, and wanted to at least post this. I get so perfectionistic! Aaarrgghh! But it's kinda funny...

Monday, February 18, 2008


This is my first submission to www.illustrationfriday.com.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Update - What I've Been Doing since July 24!

Goodness Sakes, I've neglected my Blog a bit too long, I know. And I was so ambitious at first! My path has winded alot. Although Angela Booth's 'Blog for Dollars' really lit my fire, I am not going down that road.

One site led me to another, to another, and I ended up at SiteSell.com. This is a phenomenal web package particularly for what the owner/founder calls 'Small Small Business', which ah-hem, is what I am.

Since late July/early August, after I purchased a package deal ($299), I've spent much time researching my site concept. What I mean by 'site concept' is the theme of my website. If you visit the main site, sitesell.com, you'll learn about the literally hundreds of sitesell sites in the top 1% of Google's Search results, which is an awesomely powerful fact in itself for businesses wanting to utilize online marketing.

More later! My site is going to be guitar-related, FYI. I'm a 40-something that can play guitar fairly well, so I decided my site's going to be a teaching-focused site.